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JESSICA LURIE Musician •Composer / Arranger • Teaching Artist
Seattle and Brooklyn-based Jessica Lurie is and award-winning multi-instrumentalist and composer. Her Ensemble are poised between creative jazz, rock, folk and avant-garde music, weaving tempestuous vocal melodies and eclectic instrumentation, generating a luscious and compelling sea of sound. An adventurous musical spirit shines through her compositions and arrangements, with Lurie leading with her unmistakable big sound on saxophone, flute, and her distinctive voice.

As a side-person, composer and collaborator, Jessica is featured on over 50 recordings. She has worked with international artists including David Krakauer, Bill Frisell, Chuck D & The Fine Arts Militia, The Indigo Girls, Mark Ribot, Karl Denson, Frank London, Big Head Todd & the Monsters, Vinicio Caposella, Otto Lechner, Nels Cline, Amy Denio, Jacob Fred Jazz Odessy, Kenny Wolleson, Bernie Worrell and Ivan Neville. She composes for multi-media, dance, theater and film, and has collaborated on over 20 multi-media works with visual artist Danijel Zezelj, Great Small Works and Circus Amok. In addition to her own Ensemble, Jessica composes for and performs with the Tiptons Saxophone Quartet, Living Daylights trio, Romeo Studs, La Buya, bigger bands Zion80 and Ayn Sof and many other worldwide collaborations.

The Jessica Lurie Ensemble has performed at festivals worldwide including: NYC Winter Jazz Fest, Jamcruise, Vienna Klezmore Festival, SXSW, Pisa Instabile, Motovun Film Fest., Babel Arts, Earwing No Jazz, JVC Jazz Festival, CMJ, High Sierra Music Festival, Canadian Music Festival, Bumbershoot International Music Festival, Earshot Jazz, Jazzmiele , etc.


EDUCATION: B.A, Double Major: Science and Society Program, Music, Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT, 1990 ADDITIONAL TRAINING:
• Dubspot NYC Professional Mixing and Mastering, 2013-14
• Judy Hages, Bel Canto vocal technique, 2010-14; Merideth Monk Vocal Workshops, 2006
• Darcy James Argue, arranging, orchestration, 2012
• Sundance Film Composers Fellowship for Film Scoring, 2007

PROFESSIONAL MUSICIAN: Instrumentalist, woodwinds (all saxophones, flutes, clarinet) accordion, voice, and piano. Training in classical and jazz technique and repertoire, Blues, Funk, Latin, Klezmer, Balkan, and American folk genres.

•Leader, performer and composer for Jessica Lurie Ensemble; Co-leader of the Tiptons Saxophone Quartet, Sophie Salonika, Living Daylights Trio, La Buya, the Unemployed Fortune Tellers, Ayn Sof Big Band, Plate Tiptonics, and a variety of freelance performance, recording and arrangement work.

•Composer and arranger music for theater, dance and film, including NYC’s Circus Amok and Great Small Works, animation and documentary films by Danijel Zezelj, Croatian National TV, Italian director Giampaolo Rampini, dancers Amy Kail and Rachel Timberlake.

•Over twenty multi-media performances of live music, painting and video with visual artist Danijel Zezelj, US and Europe. 1995 – 2012

•Collaborations with international artists Fred Frith, Bill Frisell, The Indigo Girls, Amy Denio, Shaking Ray Levis Society, Vinicio Capposella, Bernie Worrell, Jenny Schienman, David Krakauer, Katie Down, Paul McCandless, Calvin Weston, Mark Ribot, Sleater Kinney, Mike Clark, Nels Cline, Ivan Neville, Eyvind Kang, Wayne Horvitz, Kenny Wollesson, Allison Miller, DJ Logic, Todd Sickafoose, Steven Berstein, etc.

•Soundsymposium Festival performer and teaching artist, St. John’s, NL, July 2014
•The Purim Shpiel, composer/arranger/performer /co-band leader, March, 2010, 2011, 2014, 2015
•Circus Amok, 2014 composer in residence, arranger/performer/co-band leader, 2005 – present
•When Chance Meets Necessity, commission for Percussia Ensemble, Premiere December 2013, for 2 percussionists, viola, flute and harp
•Mythunderstandings, Tiptons Sax Quartet, composer/performer, January 2013
•Yo! Poetry, Brooklyn Arts Commission, BRIC Educational grant, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013
•Visible Song, Arts In Education Youth Arts Award, Seattle Arts Commission, 2008
•Sundance Film Composers Fellowship, 2006
•The Shop of Wild Dreams, Seattle Arts Commission /KCAC, composer /performer 2005
•Mayakovsky’s Smile, Artslink, CEC Partnership Grant, Croatian Ministry of Culture, 2000-01
•King County Arts Commission Special Projects: Co-producer of the Tonehole Music Festival, 140 participating musicians over 6 days, Seattle, 1998, 1999
•Music To Dance To, WA State Arts Commission, lecture and performance, Billy Tipton Memorial Sax Quartet (BTMSQ) 1994-96, 1997-1999
•False Prophets (Or Just Dang Good Guessers), NEA grant, workshop and performance, 1996
•Pollo D’Oro CD project, Artslink Collaborative Grant, Estonia, 1995
•Women In Jazz interactive presentation, Artist Trust GAP Grant, Seattle, 1993
•The Bus Horn Concerto, BTMSQ, Seattle Metro Artist Regional Transit Project, 1992, 1993

•Jessica Lurie Ensemble: Megaphone Heart (2012); Shop of Wild Dreams (2009); Tiger!Tiger! (2007); Licorice & Smoke (2005); ZIPA BUKA!, (2002); Motor Bison Serenade (2000 )
•The Tiptons Sax Quartet / Billy Tipton Memorial Sax Quartet: tiny lower case (2014); Strange Flower (2010); Laws of Motion (2009); DRIVE (2006); Tsunami (2004); Sunshine Bundtcake (2000); Pollo d’Oro, BTMSQ and Ne Zhdali (1998); BOX, BTMSQ (1996); make it funky god, BTMSQ, 1994); Sax House, BTMSQ (1993
•The Living Daylights: Night of The Living Daylights (2003); Electric Rosary (2000); 500 lb. Cat (1998); Falling Down Laughing (1995); Imperfect World, Living Daylights, 1994

TEACHING ARTIST EXPERIENCE: Over 20 years experience as a Private Music Instructor for all ages, grades k-12 and adult, individual, workshop and master class settings: flute, saxophone, voice, piano and clarinet technique, music theory, improvisation and composition in the US and Europe.

Recent Ensemble Coaching Experience:

•Lana Saxophone Choir,  Lana, Italy May 2015

•Chameleon Sax Octet, Dresden, Germany 2014, 2015

•Ourboros Sax Quartet coach, St. John’s, NL, July 2014
•Humboldt, CA  University Jazz Ensemble, November 2012
•The Circus Amok Band, 2005 – Present

The Center for Arts Education, NYC. August, 2014: Music Teaching Artist for music education and composition.

Orchestra St. Luke’s (OSL), NYC, NY. 2007 – 2013:
•Extensive experience working with over 2000 students, NYC public schools, grades 3 – 8
•Led and co-designed lesson plans, projects and year-long residencies including: music appreciation, basic music skills, performance, composition, movement lessons, integrating NYC Common Core Curriculum, DOE Blueprints for Understanding, grades 3-5
•Designed the 2009 – 2012 Teaching Artist’s Music Composition Handbook, presenting strategies for facilitating student composition and performance with professional performers
•Completed three New York DOE, Evidence of Student Teacher Learning (ETSL) reports documenting the work of 270 students in 2010, 2011, 2012.

Bash the Trash: co-led Recycled and Junk Percussion workshops, 50 – 200 students and their families, 2009 – 2013

Manhattan New Music Project, NYC, NY: Instructed over 400 students, led after school music programs, assisted middle and high school band directors with woodwinds, music theory, composition sectionals, and junk percussion workshops, grades 3-8, 2007-2010

American Composers Orchestra, NYC, N: Saxophone / flute instruction, high school band, 2010-11.

Brooklyn Conservatory, Brooklyn, NY: Specialized instruction for woodwind students; junk percussion residencies, 2004-06.

Seattle Community College: Adjunct Professor in Saxophone and Flute, Seattle, WA. 1998-2002.

WORKSHOPS AND RESIDENCY PROGRAMS designed and presented by Jessica Lurie:
•STORIES AND SOUNDTRACKS, 2013: Participating students made connections between music and narrative through student compositions and student generated Public Service Announcements. by creating dialogues, graphic notation, digital scoring with Garage band. Brooklyn, NY

•YO! POETRY: School residencies connecting student generated poetry, music and movement in a final performance. Co-designed with dancer Carrie Stern, over 600 participating students in Brooklyn and Manhattan schools. Presented Spring semesters 2009 – 2013,

•VISIBLE SONG: A two-week collaborative workshop for 20 students, combining student -generated music composition and visual art. With artist Danijel Zezelj, Seattle, WA. 2009

•COMPOSE YOURSELF: IMPROVISATION AND CONDUCTION MUSIC WORKSHOPS: Involving creating scores with graphic notation, small and large group conduction, recordings, and up to three-month workshop residencies in music technique, improvisation and composition to groups of 6-40 in the US and Europe (Italy, Croatia, Austria, Germany, Belgium, France). 2004 – Present.

•Music To Dance To: program designer/performer with The Billy Tipton Memorial Saxophone Quartet, performed over 130 shows in schools, grades K-12. Washington State Arts in Ed. Program. 1994-1996; 1997-1999; 2003-2005

•Women In Jazz: co-designer, performer with BTMSQ. Presenting lecture/demonstrations on the history of female musicians in jazz. Seattle, WA; Milwaukee, WI, 1997.

BAND MANAGEMENT, BOOKING, PRODUCER: 1994 – Present: Representing internationally performing music groups, including tour management, concert booking, publicity development and outreach, contract negotiation, merchandise development and production, project development, management, accounting.