Spring Music!


Ciao Tutti ! I am the worst blogger/news person, but here is to trying to communicate more!  I just returned home from a beautiful European tour with The Tiptons Sax Quartet and Drums, where we played concerts in homes, theaters, old sawmills and scenic castles.   We released two brand new CDs on this tour – one, a studio album called Cookbook, and two, a live album recorded with a 30-person choir in an ancient Abby near Salzburg, Austria.  If you are interested in more information about either of these, just email me back here, and I’ll fill you in.

I am excited to be playing some shows with my Sephardic band, Sofie Salonika with Katie Down in Brooklyn this month, and am getting ready to go to New Orleans for Jazzfest to play with the amazing new project led by cellist Helen Gillet – Tephra Sounds! with myself on sax and flute, Helen Gillet on cello and voice, Brian Haas piano and rhodes, & the fabulous Nikki Glaspie on drums! 

Sofie Salonika has some new videos up on the web – check them out!






SLINGSHOT SONGS WEST!! at the Royal Room, Seattle
with Jessica Lurie – sax/flute/FX, Beth Fleenor – clarinets, Sam Boshnack – trumpet,
Bill Horist – guitar, Paul Kikuchi – drums, Kate Olsen – sax, Amy Denio – accordion, Evan Flory-Barnes – bass new compositions, stories and improvisations!
slingshotsongs nov 26 web1

Back in Brooklyn

Hey there, I am back in Brooklyn after two weeks in Seattle, working on new music for the September shows with Circus Amok, preparing for workshops and composing with Newfoundland sax quartet Ouroboros, and writing new tunes to record in the beginning of 2015. Summer is here!

new projects and early mornings

Staying up late working on music and taxes (that sounds like a terrible combination!) getting ready to fly to seattle to see family and play for a few days. Lots going on – looking forward to playing with Beth Fleenor on Thursday March 6 in Seattle, improvising and spontaneous song writing; writing and arranging for the JFREJ Purim Schpiel March 14 – 16 in Brooklyn; and getting ready for the Tiptons European tour March 19- April 5. And somewhere in there writing for a new flute quartet project with Elsa Nillson, Jamie Baum and Robert Dick, plus for the Instant Light quartet for a couple Seattle shows and recording in mid April. Exciting! Stay tuned for what I cook up, and some website release of archive material from several of my projects.

California! Aug 19-24!

After two weeks in Seattle I am now down in the Bay Area. The concerts in Seattle (Slingshot Songs, JLE, and a house concert) were wonderful and I’ll be getting up video and audio clips soon.

Great to be in California this week and excited to see friends and family and play a bunch of fun shows! Seems like a while since I’ve been here. From amazing weather in Seattle to equally gorgeous weather in San Fran… went running today in Golden Gate park and saw the Buffaloes and the ocean. Yes!

Tomorrow (Monday Aug 19) LIVING DAYLIGHTS drummer Dale Fanning and I team up with JAMBAY bass player Mike Sugar and guitarist extraordinaire John Schott at Cafe Trieste in Berkeley. This will be a blast! And the Tiptons Sax Quartet have two night at Duende with old friend Scotty Amendola on drums, and then we head to Chico and Arcata. In Arcata we hope to tear it up with Jenny Schienman too!
Then I am off to France for two weeks – the first week to travel in Normandy with my Dad,and the second to hang in Paris and do a bunch of playing with friends there – and see and listen to the Jean Tinguely sculptures at Place Pompadou!

July News

Ah, these past couple days of cooler weather are so incredible. I’ve been riding my bike around Brooklyn at night and it just feels great. Suddenly my my thought are clearer! I am really looking forward to some great concerts and collaborations in August! My last show for the summer will be AUGUST 2nd at NuBlu in NYC next week, a bigger band with Sam Bardfeld on violin, Stefan Zeniuk on bass saxophone (so cool) and new Brooklynite Kane Matthis on guitar and oud, with a solid rhythm section of Michael Bates (bass) and Chris Stromquist (drums).

Also this coming week The ROMEO STUDS (Yoshie Fruchter-gtr; Jessica-sax; Tina Richerson – sax; Michael Bates – bass; and Chris Stromquist -drums) will be going into the studio to record our first CD. Exciting! I love this band -lookout for fall shows!

Then I’m off to Seattle for two weeks to see family and friends and play! My father and I are hosting another house concert of new trio music double billing with my Dad’s string quintet. I really enjoy the chance to have an evening of music with my dad, and the house concert vibe is so lovely and supportive and also the hardest audience because I know most the folks coming! We’ll not be playing together this concert but I hope we will in the Fall. I am working on viola and saxophone duets, My Megaphone Heart band West will be stretching out my tunes with good friends and incredible players Andy Coe on guitar, Evan Flory-Barnes on bass and Byron Vannoy on drums at the Royal Room, followed by the ever evolving , improvising groove heavy Slingshot Songs Collective will be hitting a couple shows in Seattle. The band’s chemistry is amazing for spontaneous compositions.
The third week of August I’m heading the Bay Area, Living Daylights drummer Dale Fanning and Jambay bassist Mike Sugar and I will be working out grooves and such in Berkeley, hopefully joined by many other players up for the hang. We need to do another LD reunion gig – I miss that band!

August 22-24 THE TIPTONS SAX QUARTET have a sweet little California tour with Scott Amendola on drums – can’t wait to see them all again soon.

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Earlier this month I had a great time playing with ZION80 at the Krakow Jewish Music Festival! Some video links shot by Frans Coenders: http://www.facebook.com/l/HAQGPmGLJAQEUgx4R-SnlklYaHKRQ2nZ6z26v0ibeDAhK9A/www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qlb1Es7fksI&sns=em

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